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Portable Restroom Trailer Rentals

Toilet trailers are often referred to as the gold standard when it comes to portable toilets. Restroom trailers are nothing like the standard porta-potties that you see at a local park or a construction site. Toilet trailers are basically portable buildings with large bathrooms inside them. Deluxe restroom trailers have all of the features and amenities of normal bathrooms, such as running water, electricity sinks, and anything else you've grown accustomed to. Many restroom trailers come with extras such as premium paper products, heating and air conditioning, and some units are designed to meet ADA regulations so they have a separate entrance with a ramp.

Restroom Trailer Guide

Single Stall Trailer- These are a great option if your home or business is remodeling a bathroom and you need a clean, comfortable restroom for a short period of time.

Two-Stall Restroom Trailers- These trailers are ideal for special events with around two hundred people.

3-10 Stall Trailers- 10 stall trailers are the largest restroom trailers that we currently offer, and are great for parties and events with around 1000 people or less. A good rule of thumb to stick to when it comes to renting a restroom trailer is that for every hundred people that you have you should have at least one stall. For example if you are throwing a party for 300 people then a three stall trailer is most likely the best option.