Portable Toilet, Portable Sanitation Truck & Holding Tank Insurance

The portable sanitation business is filled with valuable equipment, from liquid vacuum trucks to restroom trailers to holding tanks, all with a need for insurance.

Why you need insurance for your portable toilet company:

  • Portable Toilet Accidents - Often great fodder for local news media, portable toilet accidents are actually a great burden on toilet rental companies either when they occur on customer sites or in transport.  Providers should always be protected from incidents involving both employers and customers.
  • Portable Toilet Theft - Even when precautions are taken on every delivery, (such as chaining portable toilets to a tree or fixed object), just about every rental company will face some theft each year.  Bulk unit theft, or restroom trailer theft can be particularly crippling and every company should be protected.
  • Portable Toilet Vandalism - Including toilet tip overs, graffiti on porta potty or delivery truck, etc.

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